sororitas acolyte


Thanks to her bred and brought up on an agriworld, Agnes is a fairly large 6’3" especially by female standards. Combine that with her Sororitas training, and produced is a build somewhere between athletic and muscular. Her legs tend to run long with a shorter torso, and has a little extra length in the arms, this gives her an edge in sword play.

Considered beautiful by most standards, Agnes has fair skin, stark black hair, and grey blue eyes.


If Agnes expects battle, she dons her carapace armor that proudly displays emblems of the Sororitas, however when subtly is required she wears an armored bodyglove underneath robes that also conceal her hand flamer.

Coming from the art culture on the shrine world of Solace, she has tattoos of the imperial creed on her arms in high gothic, a full imperial aquila across her back, a fleur-de-lis on her right thigh, and the inquisitorial =I= on her left thigh. The fleur-de-lis under her right eye is painted on before battle, until she attains the rank of battle sister when she can receive the honor of that symbol permanently tattooed.


Birthed on the agriworld of Calhara, Agnes Firebrand was raised with unyielding devotion to the emperor. At the age of 14, her world was invaded by the ruinous powers of chaos, plague rained from the skies infecting anyone contacted turning them into shambling monstrosities. Acting without hesitation, Agnes armed herself with an agrisythe and slaughtered her former family and neighbors. by the time the Inquisition and grey knights arrived, they found a malnourished Agnes inside a fortified foodstuff silo. when questioned as to why she was starved and malnourished while surrounded by food, she replied. . .

“This food belongs to the emperor of man, and I would never steal from the emperor or his emperium.”

Upon hearing that, Inquisitor Hector Rex knew this one was special, and instead of exterminatus, Agnes was granted a memory wipe, and placed at the nearest Adepta Sororitas cloister, on the shrine world of Solace. It is on this shrine world that Agnes has spent her last 5 years honing the art of combat, and strengthening her faith in the emperor into an armor of will as ironclad as the land raider battle tanks of the Adepta Astartes.

Knowing that having a Sororitas as an acolyte is a symbol of prestige within the Inquisition, Inquisitor Lazarus Marne came to the world of Solace in search of the perfect candidate to join his retinue. Impressed by her recorded progress and her imposing size, Inquisitor Marne wasted no time in conscripting Agnes firebrand into his service.

Agnes is skilled in the arts combat, specifically in swordplay and sweep and clear tactics with flamers. Outside of combat her skills involve charm, diplomacy, intimidation, and information gathering, however deception is a skill she is only now learning as it has no place in the Sororitas, but is an all too important skill for the acolytes and inquisitors who often operate from the shadows.

A sketch of 15 year old Agnes created by one of her sisters


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