interrogator under inquisitor marne



Fiery Red and Gold Dyed Hair, Spiked up to look like flame.
With charcoal colored eyes. Both normally hidden by my helmet and gas mask.
Large square jaw and muscular, chest back and arms covered in gash like scars.
Skin is lightly tanned.

Normally covered in carapace armor, with my gas mask and flamer, fed by a backpack.


My early life is a mystery, even to myself.
My earliest memory is waking up on a pile of hides, in a large tent at a trading post, to a man named Trox hitting me in the chest with a sack of rocks.
He had me man the storefront every day, I feared asking him about my past as I was already receiving unwarranted beatings.
Anytime I tried to stray too far away from the trading post I would feel a sharp pain in my neck before passing out.
With each failed escape attempt, I felt my individuality slip away, within a year an observer could mistake me for a robot, due to how procedural my life had become.
Everything changed one day, when I saw several ships fly over the trading post and into the horizon. It was the first time I had ever seen Trox panic, he made me dig a series of deep holes a few miles outside the trading post, this was the first time I was able to stray so far outside the trading post without passing out. The next day, when I woke up Trox was long gone, as were many other merchants native to the trading post. Around the middle of the evening several men wearing battle armor, with manacles on their belt and rifles at the ready. One asked me where Trox had went, when I told him I didn’t know he hit me with a rod that caused a pain similar to the one I would experience when straying too far from the camp.
When I regained consciousness he asked me again, I explained that he disappeared in the night, and told him about the holes I dug for Trox the day before. I told him I would take him there, but explained to him what happens if I stray too far from camp.
He laughed, called me a fool and touched his club to the metallic ring that I’ve always worn on my neck. I felt some heat, on my neck followed by the ring falling off my neck.
He told me I won’t have that problem anymore, and I led him to the holes I had dug.
We found Trox shoveling his wares and money into the holes, when Trox saw us he reached for a gun on his hip, but before he could reach it, the armored man fired a shot at Trox’s arm, with enough force to sever his arm at the shoulder.
The armored man then walked over and manacled Trox’s left arm to right leg and kicked him into one of the empty holes in the ground, and lobbed a grenade in as he walked back toward me.
The man gave me his name, Hugo, and told me that I was a slave, and he was a member of the Adeptus Arbites.
I told him that I had nowhere to go, and he told me of the glory of the Imperium, and informed me of how greatness of the Emperor was.
I learned that The Imperium liberated my planet from the Chaos Daemons a couple years ago, and was granted protection by the Imperium so long as the Governor pays their tithe to the Emperor. His unit was sent there because the Governor asked for an extension, for the third time in a row. Hugo’s unit was sent to kill the Governor and his advisors, in this case Trox, and the Imperium would instate a new Governor for the planet.
I asked to join the Adeptus Arbites, as I had no attachments to this world, and I truly believed the Emperor truly has the best interest of the universe in-mind.
I went through the process and became a full-fledged member, and was inducted into Hugo’s squad. I quickly gained a reputation as a heartless interrogator, even by their standards. With no family or memories to keep me grounded, I have little to no sympathy for anyone, be they Man, Woman, Child, or Beast. I only value the lives of Hugo’s Squad and the Imperium of Man.
My days as a slave taught me two fundamental truths, anyone’s spirit can be broken through cyclical pain, and behavioral conditioning. I also observed all living creates have an innate fear of fire. I mold my interrogation strategies around these inalienable truths.
When an Inquisitor asked Hugo for a new recruit with a penchant for acquiring information, I was his first referral. I jumped at the chance to destroy even more powerful threats to the Imperium.
I will use my flames to cleanse the universe of all evil, and new baptize the misguided to the ways of the Imperium. May we all bask, in the flames of Megiddo.


Dark Heresy 2nd Edition gretka_dj