mechanicus pilot


A Standard looking human, as far as one can expect from a Martian. Orma stands roughly six and a half feet tall. Clad in the traditional red robes with black and silver embroidery. What little of his body that can be seen is laced with dark gray veins that are in stark contrast to his light skin. His eyes are his most outstanding physical feature, a piercing ice blue that seem to almost glow from under the shadow of this acolyte robe’s hood.


Born into a lowly family of martian deep miners in 961.M41, Orma’s life was anything but easy. His early life flew by in typical imperial fashion. In his early teens he decided he would never work the mines destroying his body, he’d instead use his mind to move up the ranks. It was during this time that Orma began to sneak into The Temple of All Knowledge (an act punishable by death). First he studied the hierarchy of the Mechanicus. The only reasonably attainable position for someone of his upbringing being an engineseer, and so the true study began. After an insane amount of close calls and years of study Orma believed he was ready.
The first step joining the legions of Skitarii, luckily anyone could conscript and years of sneaking and running kept him fairly fit. Between the excruciating pain of having sub-dermal plating installed and being a neurosync puppet, joining the Skitarii wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Most of Orma’s “free time” was spent trying to further his knowledge of the technology and creating small bits of machinery. His life took its first big turn in 997.M41 when the Necrons landed on mars. Tho the enemy party was small the power of the Xenos weapons and their undying nature proved more than a match for the Skitarii’s superior numbers. After several hours of intense fighting the defense forces of mars finally succeed in stopping the invaders. The record of this invasion was sealed by the Imperium and the legions involved disbanded and scattered. Orma was lucky enough to be promoted to enginseer under comand of a Magos Errant.
After finally achieving his goal, Orma began to realize just how insignificant the role truly was. He was essentially just glorified maintenance personnel, albeit with a mechadendrite instead of combitools. A few months in his work he thirsted for a way out of his new rank, and began experimenting with equipment in the Manufactorium. After a few dozen failed attempts to “improve” existing machines, that more often than not literally exploded in his face he was to be put to death for his heretical actions. If not for a single man Inquisitor Marne who saw value in Orma’s need to move up, instead he was banished from Mars never to return.


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