Imperial guard medic and rifleman


Blonde Hair, Blue eyes. Silas has a little bit of an outworlder drawl to his speech but is fully devoted to the emperor. He is always carrying his fathers prayer book with him and he has a set of wicked scars going down his arm.


Former Sgt. Silas Davide was born and raised on a frontier world. His sense of wanderlust was stoked by the visits of a rogue trader and as a result he quickly joined the groups of hunters who were venturing out into the unknown. In his teenage years the colony was invaded by Orks who used the inhabitants in a bloody Colosseum battle. after about five years thee imperial guard came and drove off thee Orks. Silas joined at that time and was conscripted into the medical corps. A few years into his term of duty he uncovered the conspiracy of a planet to secede from the Empire and was able to escape to report the heresy. This is how the inquisitor found Silas.


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