Dark Heresy 2nd Edition

Session IV

After a successful interrogation session with the sector governor’s daughter, the acolytes learn that Thalia was responsible for the majority of the disaster in order to get her brother back from the psyker cells, but more importantly they learn that a more powerful individual has been influencing the actions of the gang from off-world. Orma unlocks the secrets of the cybernetic eyes found at the hideout earlier to see a pict-recording of a xenotech device being surgically implanted into a cult follower that the group now knows to be aboard a black ship headed to hive silico. Agnes kills a mining forman on a whim, before the group takes Thalia back to her father’s estate to pronounce her sentence and execute her in the presence of the governor. The acolytes report back to Inquisitor Marne and take flight after the black ship to prevent whatever catastrophe awaits when the xenotech device is activated.

Session the 3rd
A break in the case

After developing their plan to confront Governor Volk and gain access to his compound, the acolytes investigate the estate and learn that the governor’s daughter has had an inordinate amount of influence in the handling of the disaster. After planting a bomb in the furnace room under the central point of the Volk property, Silas and Orma discover what could be a genetically modified crop strain. After Agnes and Lucindia gain Gaius’s cooperation and prepare to leave, Meggido witnesses a figure fleeing the compound toward the city. Giving chase, he runs headlong into what seems to be a gang hideout, and begins dispensing the emperor’s justice. The rest of the team arrives in time to turn the fight to their favor, made all the more difficult by the presence of two unsanctioned psykers. Orma collects the papers and dataslates from the rooms, as well as the augmetic eyes from the corpse in what looks like an interrogation room. Agnes takes pictures of all of the bodies, while Meggido leads the manacled Thalia Volk to the party’s waiting craft. Agnes burns what remains in the small hab unit before the acolytes make their way back to their hotel suite.

Session #2

Cooler heads prevailed during the standoff at the atmospheric sustainer and the acolytes are allowed to inspect the wreckage, determining that the false mechanicus team that set the bomb was signed for by a high ranking official. They learned that the psykers transfer to the black ships may not have been altogether legitimate. The team also gains access to the Volk estate blueprints, planning both to confront Governor Volk and investigate his dealings further.

Agnes, Lucindia, and Meggido brought the light of the emperor to some giant worms. Lucindia spoiled some meat with her brain.

1st session
Arrival on Meredis

The acolytes were briefed by their inquisitor and sent down to Meredis in a cargo hauler given them by Eli Keller. Posing as an administratum repair detachment, the party uncovered some of the details that surrounded the disaster that had reduced the usable surface of the planet by 25%. The party then decided to investigate the scene of the explosion. En route, Orma lost control of the aircraft and crash landed into a field. Lucindia commandeered a farm vehicle from a nearby, abandoned farmhouse, which Orma also rendered inoperable in an attempt to adjust the engine of the vehicle. They arrived at the site on foot, where they scavenged some meager bits of food and water before advancing to the ruined atmospheric sustainer. Upon arriving, the party was set upon by men in cobbled together leather armor, pointing lasrifles at them.

Up 'til now...
lead up to the first session

Our group of acolytes have all been drafted into the service of an unseen inquisitor within the past six months. His isolation and secrecy belying his paranoia of heresy and betrayal. Having successfully put down a fair number of small heretical plots, they find the inquisitor warming up to them. They also find themselves on a Rogue Trader vessel bound for a coreward agri-world to deal with what should be another routine case of secessionist unrest.


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