Dark Heresy 2nd Edition

Session IV

After a successful interrogation session with the sector governor’s daughter, the acolytes learn that Thalia was responsible for the majority of the disaster in order to get her brother back from the psyker cells, but more importantly they learn that a more powerful individual has been influencing the actions of the gang from off-world. Orma unlocks the secrets of the cybernetic eyes found at the hideout earlier to see a pict-recording of a xenotech device being surgically implanted into a cult follower that the group now knows to be aboard a black ship headed to hive silico. Agnes kills a mining forman on a whim, before the group takes Thalia back to her father’s estate to pronounce her sentence and execute her in the presence of the governor. The acolytes report back to Inquisitor Marne and take flight after the black ship to prevent whatever catastrophe awaits when the xenotech device is activated.



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