Dark Heresy 2nd Edition

Session the 3rd

A break in the case

After developing their plan to confront Governor Volk and gain access to his compound, the acolytes investigate the estate and learn that the governor’s daughter has had an inordinate amount of influence in the handling of the disaster. After planting a bomb in the furnace room under the central point of the Volk property, Silas and Orma discover what could be a genetically modified crop strain. After Agnes and Lucindia gain Gaius’s cooperation and prepare to leave, Meggido witnesses a figure fleeing the compound toward the city. Giving chase, he runs headlong into what seems to be a gang hideout, and begins dispensing the emperor’s justice. The rest of the team arrives in time to turn the fight to their favor, made all the more difficult by the presence of two unsanctioned psykers. Orma collects the papers and dataslates from the rooms, as well as the augmetic eyes from the corpse in what looks like an interrogation room. Agnes takes pictures of all of the bodies, while Meggido leads the manacled Thalia Volk to the party’s waiting craft. Agnes burns what remains in the small hab unit before the acolytes make their way back to their hotel suite.



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